Uranus obr-uran
Distance from the Sunreal19.189 AU1.000 AU
in scale6.2 km322.4 m
light from Sun reaches in2.7 h8 m 19 s
Distance variability from the Sunreal18.282 AU to 20.096 AU0.983 AU to 1.016 AU
in scale5.9 km to 6.5 km317.0 m to 327.4 m
light from Sun reaches in2.5 h to 2.8 h8 m 11 s to 8 m 27 s
Diameterreal51 118 km12 742 km
as a multiple of our Moon14.71 x3.67 x
in scale11.02 cm27.46 mm
Orbit periodaround Sun84.0 years365.3 days
Movement in a daydegrees0.0 °1.0 °
in our scale127 cm554 cm
Massreal8.681*1025 kg5.972*1024 kg
as a multiple of our Moon1180x81.3x

Moons of Uranus

Uranus has tens of moons, here are 5 most significant.

Distance from the Uranusreal129 872 km191 020 km266 300 km436 300 km583 520 km
in scale27.99 cm41.17 cm57.4 cm94.0 cm125.8 cm
light from Uranus reaches in0.4 s0.6 s0.9 s1.5 s1.9 s
Diameterreal468 km1 158 km1 169 km1 577 km1 523 km
as a multiple of our Moon0.13 x0.33 x0.34 x0.45 x0.44 x
in scale1.01 mm2.50 mm2.52 mm3.40 mm3.28 mm
Orbit periodaround Uranus1.4 days2.5 days4.1 days8.7 days13.5 days
Movement in a daydegrees254.7 °142.9 °86.9 °41.4 °26.7 °
in our scale124 cm103 cm87 cm68 cm59 cm
Day duration8.7 days
Massreal6.600*1019 kg1.353*1021 kg1.172*1021 kg3.527*1021 kg3.013*1021 kg
as a multiple of our Moon0.000898x0.0184x0.0159x0.048x0.041x
Miranda obr-Q3352Ariel obr-Q3343Umbriel obr-Q3338Titania obr-Q3322Oberon obr-Q3332


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To scale solar system stroll in Bratislava and suroundings in scale 1:464 mil.

In this scale, the Sun is 3 meters, Earth 2.75cm and Moon 7.5mm.



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