The humans managed to transport a helicopter weighing 1.8 kg to the red planet. The journey there lasted six and half months. The helicopter is able to fly there, even though the atmosphere on Mars has a pressure of only 680 Pa. To compare, air as thin as this one occurs at the altitude of 22 km on Earth.

  • On Earth, the record for the highest helicopter flight is 12.4 km.
of Marsu, prelimary mars-predbezny Mars obr-mars
Distance from the Sunreal1.524 AU1.000 AU
in scale491.2 m322.4 m
light from Sun reaches in12 m 40 s8 m 19 s
Distance variability from the Sunreal1.381 AU to 1.666 AU0.983 AU to 1.016 AU
in scale445.4 m to 537.1 m317.0 m to 327.4 m
light from Sun reaches in11 m 29 s to 13 m 51 s8 m 11 s to 8 m 27 s
Diameterreal6 791 km12 742 km
as a multiple of our Moon1.95 x3.67 x
in scale14.64 mm27.46 mm
Orbit periodaround Sun1.9 years365.3 days
Movement in a daydegrees0.5 °1.0 °
in our scale451 cm554 cm
Day duration24.6 hours24.0 hours
Massreal6.417*1023 kg5.972*1024 kg
as a multiple of our Moon8.73x81.3x
Distance from the Marsreal9 377 km23 458 km
in scale20.21 mm5.06 cm
light from Mars reaches in0.0 s0.1 s
Distance variability from the Marsreal23 456 km to 23 471 km
in scale5.06 cm to 5.06 cm
light from Mars reaches in0.1 s to 0.1 s
Diameterreal23 km12 km
as a multiple of our Moon0.01 x0.00 x
in scale0.05 mm0.03 mm
Orbit periodaround Mars0.3 days1.3 days
Movement in a daydegrees1 128.9 °285.2 °
in our scale40 cm25 cm
Massreal1.066*1016 kg1.480*1015 kg
as a multiple of our Moon1.45E-7x2.01E-8x
Phobos obr-Q7547Deimos obr-Q7548

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