Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a gas giant with a mass more than two and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined. It has four significant moons called Galilean moons and tens of other smaller moons.

If you want to swim, you can try the moon Europa. There are however several problems: Europa is not yet part of the European Union (so you need a passport), surface temperature is around -160 ℃ (so a lot colder than in a freezer) and the ocean is covered by several tens kilometers of ice.


As of Monday, February 2nd 2024, Jupiter is in Bratislava on Jelačičova street.

Jupiter obr-jupiter
Distance from the Sunreal5.203 AU1.000 AU
in scale1.7 km322.4 m
light from Sun reaches in43 m8 m 19 s
Distance variability from the Sunreal4.950 AU to 5.458 AU0.983 AU to 1.016 AU
in scale1.6 km to 1.8 km317.0 m to 327.4 m
light from Sun reaches in41 m to 45 m8 m 11 s to 8 m 27 s
Diameterreal142 984 km12 742 km
as a multiple of our Moon41.13 x3.67 x
in scale30.82 cm27.46 mm
Orbit periodaround Sun11.9 years365.3 days
Movement in a daydegrees0.1 °1.0 °
in our scale244 cm554 cm
Massreal1.898*1027 kg5.972*1024 kg
as a multiple of our Moon25800x81.3x
of Jupiter jupiter-mesiace Europa moon jupiter-europa of Jupitera jupiter-moons

Moons of Jupiter

Jupiter has four significant moons (Galilean moons) described in the following table and dozens of other moons.

Distance from the Jupiterreal421 800 km671 100 km1 070 400 km1 882 700 km
in scale90.9 cm144.6 cm230.7 cm406 cm
light from Jupiter reaches in1.4 s2.2 s3.6 s6.3 s
Distance variability from the Jupiterreal420 000 km to 423 400 km664 862 km to 676 938 km1 069 200 km to 1 071 600 km1 869 000 km to 1 897 000 km
in scale90.5 cm to 91.3 cm143.3 cm to 145.9 cm230.4 cm to 230.9 cm403 cm to 409 cm
light from Jupiter reaches in1.4 s to 1.4 s2.2 s to 2.3 s3.6 s to 3.6 s6.2 s to 6.3 s
Diameterreal3 660 km3 122 km5 268 km4 821 km
as a multiple of our Moon1.05 x0.90 x1.52 x1.39 x
in scale7.89 mm6.73 mm11.35 mm10.39 mm
Orbit periodaround Jupiter1.8 days3.6 days7.2 days16.7 days
Movement in a daydegrees203.5 °101.4 °50.3 °21.6 °
in our scale323 cm256 cm203 cm153 cm
Massreal8.930*1022 kg4.799*1022 kg1.481*1023 kg1.076*1023 kg
as a multiple of our Moon1.22x0.653x2.02x1.46x
Io obr-Q3123Europa obr-Q3143Ganymede obr-Q3169Callisto obr-Q3134

Only three of the other moons have diameter larger than 100km.

Distance from the Jupiterreal181 366 km221 900 km11 493 550 km
in scale39.09 cm47.82 cm24.8 m
light from Jupiter reaches in0.6 s0.7 s38.3 s
Distance variability from the Jupiterreal181 150 km to 182 840 km218 000 km to 226 000 km
in scale39.04 cm to 39.41 cm46.98 cm to 48.71 cm
light from Jupiter reaches in0.6 s to 0.6 s0.7 s to 0.8 s
Diameterreal167 km99 km170 km
as a multiple of our Moon0.05 x0.03 x0.05 x
in scale0.36 mm0.21 mm0.37 mm
Orbit periodaround Jupiter0.5 days0.7 days248.3 days
Movement in a daydegrees722.6 °533.7 °1.4 °
in our scale495 cm446 cm63 cm
Massreal2.100*1018 kg1.500*1018 kg6.700*1018 kg
as a multiple of our Moon2.86E-5x2.04E-5x9.12E-5x
Amalthea obr-Q3257Thebe obr-Q16765Himalia obr-Q16841


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To scale solar system stroll in Bratislava and suroundings in scale 1:464 mil.

In this scale, the Sun is 3 meters, Earth 2.75cm and Moon 7.5mm.



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