Mercury has the most elliptical orbit of all planets in our solar system. Due to extreme gravitational forces of the Sun, you need to use Einstein's physics to calculate the orbit, Newton's physics does not yield accurate results.

Mercury obr-merkur
Distance from the Sunreal0.387 AU1.000 AU
in scale124.8 m322.4 m
light from Sun reaches in3 m 13 s8 m 19 s
Distance variability from the Sunreal0.307 AU to 0.467 AU0.983 AU to 1.016 AU
in scale99.1 m to 150.5 m317.0 m to 327.4 m
light from Sun reaches in2 m 33 s to 3 m 53 s8 m 11 s to 8 m 27 s
Diameterreal4 878 km12 742 km
as a multiple of our Moon1.40 x3.67 x
in scale10.51 mm27.46 mm
Orbit periodaround Sun88.0 days365.3 days
Movement in a daydegrees4.1 °1.0 °
in our scale910 cm554 cm
Massreal3.300*1023 kg5.972*1024 kg
as a multiple of our Moon4.49x81.3x

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To scale solar system stroll in Bratislava and suroundings in scale 1:464 mil.

In this scale, the Sun is 3 meters, Earth 2.75cm and Moon 7.5mm.



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