Pluto obr-pluto
Distance from the Sunreal39.482 AU1.000 AU
in scale13 km322.4 m
light from Sun reaches in5.5 h8 m 19 s
Distance variability from the Sunreal29.667 AU to 49.310 AU0.983 AU to 1.016 AU
in scale9.6 km to 16 km317.0 m to 327.4 m
light from Sun reaches in4.1 h to 6.8 h8 m 11 s to 8 m 27 s
Diameterreal2 376 km12 742 km
as a multiple of our Moon0.68 x3.67 x
in scale5.12 mm27.46 mm
Orbit periodaround Sun248.1 years365.3 days
Movement in a daydegrees0.0 °1.0 °
in our scale91 cm554 cm
Day duration6.4 days24.0 hours
Massreal1.305*1022 kg5.972*1024 kg
as a multiple of our Moon0.178x81.3x

Moons of Pluto

Pluto has 5 moons, the most significant is Charon.

Distance from the Plutoreal19 591 km
in scale42.22 mm
light from Pluto reaches in0.1 s
Diameterreal1 212 km
as a multiple of our Moon0.35 x
in scale2.61 mm
Orbit periodaround Pluto6.4 days
Movement in a daydegrees56.4 °
in our scale42 mm
Massreal1.520*1021 kg
as a multiple of our Moon0.0207x
Charon obr-Q6604

The other four moons are:

Distance from the Plutoreal42 656 km48 694 km59 000 km64 749 km
in scale9.19 cm10.49 cm12.72 cm13.95 cm
light from Pluto reaches in0.1 s0.2 s0.2 s0.2 s
Diameterreal18 km93 km29 km115 km
as a multiple of our Moon0.01 x0.03 x0.01 x0.03 x
in scale0.04 mm0.20 mm0.06 mm0.25 mm
Orbit periodaround Pluto20.2 days24.9 days32.2 days38.2 days
Movement in a daydegrees17.9 °14.5 °11.2 °9.4 °
in our scale29 mm27 mm25 mm23 mm
Massreal7.500*1015 kg1.650*1016 kg5.000*1016 kg
as a multiple of our Moon1.02E-7x2.25E-7x6.8E-7x
Styx obr-Q105713Nix obr-Q102694Kerberos obr-Q105636Hydra obr-Q102701
ikona Kuiper belt

Kuiper belt

Kuiper belt is 30 to 50 AU from the Sun.. . .

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To scale solar system stroll in Bratislava and suroundings in scale 1:464 mil.

In this scale, the Sun is 3 meters, Earth 2.75cm and Moon 7.5mm.



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